Pop-in Service

Since 2012





We offer puppy visits. Vets recommend that younger dogs develop better with a “little & often” approach to exercise rather than running around with bigger dogs for an hour. A couple of shorter visits before and after lunchtime (e.g. 10 am-ish and 2 pm-ish) helps split up a puppy’s day, and means they’re not waiting too long for a toilet break and some play. And then when the time is right, we can start to introduce the youngster to lots of new friends on the full walks.

Elderly and Convalescing Dogs

A similar visiting service is available should your dog be too elderly or infirm, or is convalescing and unable to participate in walks. Please let us know your particular needs.


Monday- Friday

Up to 30 minutes from


Charlie loves being out with Play Pals as he gets to socialise and be spoilt . He likes home but it’s not as exciting.

DP Uphall
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